Sound installation/ Composition

[ Computer-generated sound

x192.8 channel Wavefield synthesis system ]



This work was written and recorded during a residency in The Game of Life Foundation’s Wave Field Synthesis System. All the material comes from algorithmic and generative synthetic sound.


This is not about spatial music,

this is not about sound trajectories,

this is not about imaginary sound environments,

this is not about immersion,

this is not about narrative,

this not an ear candy,

this is not about sound traveling,

this is not about fancy phenomena,

this is not about composition,

this is not about abstractness,

this is not about form,

and this is not about music.


Wave Field Synthesis is a sound production technology designed specifically for spatial audio rendering. The WFS system from The Game of Life consists of 192 speakers, which are arranged in a square formation of 10 by 10 meters. Unlike conventional audio procedures (e.g stereo /surround) the perception of these wave fields is not dependent on psychoacoustic “phantom” sound perception. The WFS sound field is actually reconstructed physically*.


We decided to elude the recursive features of Wave Field Synthesis, the trajectory- based spatialisation or the feeling of sound motion in the space surrounding the listener. Due to the physical and spatial characteristics of the system and its powerful possibilities, we built a collection of different discrete sound entities generating a kind of specific materialisation and dematerialisation process of the sound in the space.


We would like to thank to The Game of Life Foundation, Casper Schipper, the free wine of the Institute of Sonology of The Hague, and Jorge Ponzoña for their kind support.



© 2017 Elías Merino. Creative Commons 3.0 Unported. All rights reserved.