E l í a s   M e r i n o

Elías Merino (b. 1985) is an artist who works with sound and digital technology and lives in the UK. Currently his work is based on the exploration of computer-generated sound. Merino is interested in different approaches related with sound and digital arts, such abstract materiality, object- oriented sound, time, or posthumanities. Combining his personal activity, Elías is involved in collaborative projects and different aesthetics within unusual electronic music.


Elías presents his work in sound compositions and installations, which are exhibited, released, performed and diffused in the US, UK, Spain, Latinamerica, Italy, Germany,  Sweden, Poland, Finland or The Netherlands. He recently published his latest work in Leerraum and the next record will be released in the imprint Room40 in 2017.


Nowadays Elías Merino is a PhD researcher in Computer Music at University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom).





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